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Viewing Lyrics for River Of Brightness:

Artist:Aztec Camera
No album artwork found
Album:The North Star
Track:River Of Brightness
Date Added:24/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Words and music by roddy frame

At the end of it all,
'neath the moon's watchful eye,
I wanna be judged next to you
'cos to the beat of my heart,
You set a small revolution,
No one ever touched me so surely
It's a veil drawn aside

And revealed is the real world,
And it feels like my world
From the ring on your finger
So cold on my skin,
To the diamond-light stars long ago
The river of brightness flows

On the end of the pier,
Saw the sun slidin' down,
On the dyin' embers of an empire
See their faces appear,
Everyone who was ever sold out and laid low,
Their voices submerged
In the sound of a choir
We've got time on our side...

And revealed is the real world,
And it feels like my world
From the crystal cold winter,
So petrified and numb
That the blazing-bright sun overthrows,
The river of brightness flows

See, it starts with a glint
Of a sparkle in the eyes,
And a breath becomes a word becomes a deed
And if the deed is done right,
The whole world's set alight,
But if you hesitate it goes,
And you're damnin' up the river
Just to figure how it flows,
If that's the price of knowin',
Maybe i don't wanna know

'cos it feels like the real world,
And it feels like our world
From the ring on your finger,
So cold on my skin
To the diamond-light stars long ago,
The river of brightness flows.
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