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Viewing Lyrics for F I N E:

No album artwork found
Track:F I N E
Date Added:24/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     

Hot wax dripping honey what do you say
I got a brand
new record that I gotta play
She says not now boy but I did anyway
Cause I'm ready

/> So ready

Lip smacking paddy whacking walking the street
I got a ragtop
Chevy and I'm back on my feet
I get a mean hard woody when I sit in the seat
Cause I'm
So ready

I got a girlfriend with the hootchie kootchie eyes
in the pink she looks so fine
She's got the crackerjack now all I want's the prize honey


I know there's hookers down on 42nd street, but
booty's not my style
I'll take a raincheck till I get back on my feet honey

Cause I'm all right -- ooh your daddy says I'm
All right -- mmm your
mama says
All right -- and my old lady says I'm
All right

Whip cracking
floozy way out of control
She got a new kind of jelly in her jelly roll
I got the
right key baby but the wrong keyhole
I'm ready
So ready

I'm a red hot
pistol and I'm ready to fight
I'm a .38 Special on a Saturday night
I'm gonna kiss
your booboo honey make it all right
Cause I'm ready
So ready

I got a
cruiser with a bimbo on the dash
It kinda keeps my ass in line
One little French kiss
honey that's my kind of trash!

My brand new baby's looking F.I.N.E. fine
sun is shining every day
Ain't got no rubbers now it's raining all the time honey!

/> I'm all right -- my little sister says I'm
All right -- ohhh my brother thinks I'm

/> All right -- and my old lady knows I'm
All right

I feel like I'm hung up
on the line
I'd die for you but we were partners in the crime
Everything about you is
so F.I.N.E. fine
Let's put our clothes back on and
By the way girl what's your name

I'm all right -- ooh your daddy says I'm
All right -- ooh even Tipper
thinks I'm
All right -- and Joe Perry says I'm
All right

Pitch my tent
in the pouring rain
I got a back seat lover that's calling my name
She gonna blow my
cover -- she's hot as a flame
But I'm ready
So ready

I shove my tongue
right between your cheeks
I haven't made love now for twenty-five weeks
I hear that
you're so tight your loving squeaks
And I'm ready
So ready

(If I could
I surely would
Stand in the place Hollywood)

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