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No album artwork found
Album:Various songs / Unsorted
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
So how we do it when we do it shawty, U-WAAYYY
That Billy Dee got me
slizzard like, U-WAAYYY
We hit the club, make dem people scream, U-WAAYYY
It's Attic
Crew, let me hear you holla U-WAAYYY

[Sean Paul]
Youngbloodz, back on mo' time

Wanna get yo Billy Dee, ya know I got mine
Gettin the club crunk, damn near drunk

Roll wit 45, 12 Peeves in my trunk
Give ya what ya want shawty, got what ya need

First some Billy Dee, second drank Hennessee
Center of attention, all eyes are on me

Oh, that's Sean Paul a.k.a. Sean Grease
Oh, nevermind him 'cause he always on that
And roll wit a group of felons that'll rip you off
He slum as hell, seven golds
in his mouth
He slizzard as hell, always hollin 'bout the south
And every week at the
club he always get kicked out
I really think they hatin, tell me what is this about

But everything good, 'cause we gon' keep it crunk
And Colt 45 gon' forever get drunk


Okay, one mo' time, ya'll folk know how we do it

Get in the club, make the crowd go U-Way
It aint no thang shawty, get right to it

And see I'm gone on that get right fluid

[Sean Paul]
I say, ohh lord,
liquor and draw
Cadillacs and Vogues against whitewalls
Ohh lord, look at these broads

Wanna holla 'cause I ride Vogues and whitewalls


From the jump, we gon' keep this thang crunk, yes indeed
Youngbloodz, Attic
Crew, (U-WAAYYY) is what it be
See we guaranteed to shakem' off and throw 'em off
get it, get it shawty, what's up, now get 'em off
As we take you off and break you off one
mo' gen
That's how we do it when we do it partna, in the wind
Wit 50 mo' Attic Fools
shawty, steppin in
We to the ground wit this thang partna, 'til the end
Off in the
club gettin slizzard shawty is what we do
Just like you cut dat bougie ho, yeah I done cut
her too
Forever who from what we do, so we's against da grain
I am I, he is he and
together we gon' regain and entertain
So get on up and just bounce
Wit the
hump-ta-hump off in the trunk, so just bounce
Now come on and jump on befo' you get left

This aint nothin you wanna miss, so now it's on to the next

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