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Viewing Lyrics for N 2 Deep:

Artist:Three 6 Mafia
No album artwork found
Album:Chapt. 2 World Domination
Track:N 2 Deep
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Chorus x2
I'm in it to deep to get out now
They always told me death was the only
way out
I'm sittin' up all night
I can't ever rest my head
How will my
family take it if I ended up dead

(Lord Infamous)
There was a man who
approached me every night
When I was reasting fast asleep
He tried to get into my
And he promised me power beyond my wildest dreams
He said he could take me away
from the suffering, begging, and life of
a teen
So I had to agree
Theres one
catch you must worship throughout the centuries
But I really didn't know he'd be better off

I'm tired of the pain and the crew my brother
He game me things
He promised
But I got no need I will suffer forever
I'm tired of wrong brotherless powers are
much to strong
Oh so bad I want to move on
But if I do my soul is gone
(??) hatas, all murderas, adulterers, and thieves
What you don't know
Is that you're
walkin' in the same shoes with me

(Koopsta Knicca)
(??) for seekin' is all I
He sit close to me
He said Victoria Secrets
Fills up the air

Perfume smells so fucked up
Auick right here with a stare
Buck doggystyle then the
Turned her on her stomach as she
Moanin' from the motion
If you ready
for this to get (??)
Koop finna to come a little bit closer
Rolled her on her chest
before the sound went pop
Then I reached for my heart
Oh my god Koopsta just been
I hope you feel me
I'm playin' naked
Lookin' at the ceilin'

And bloddy me just hear more (?) from the Koopstas

Chorus x1

(Gangsta Boo)
I'm in it to deep
To escapre this kind of drama
Got crossers,
playa hatas, and fakers, that equals problems
Today in this day and time
you can't
read nobody's mind
These smiles turn to frowns
When they see a playa on the rise

On top of the world
Just a lookin' down and laughin' at'cha
I'll never be
Like that 2pac "I ain't mad at'cha"
So baby beware
This game of life
is like do or die
It's hell on this Earth
The only thing that's missin' is the fire

Come on baby tell me is it something that your eyes can't see
Or are you just blind

To the fact that you in it too deep

(Juicy J)
Yeah, I know what'cha
I had to stand on my ground
To get on the scene
Just me and brother
down in the stuggle
Gettin' out seve on to the friends
And after dark
in the park
Them doped up fiends will start
To light the pipe all through the night

I used to wonder what God
Please help the poor come off of their feet
there was nothin' to eat
Didn't want to jack or rob
A brother had to maintain the
Off in the projects
Wasn't lathargic
Cause I was tryin' to get out

Who can you tust
I had to be tough
I never ran my mouth
My and my
crew would constantly hit the brew
A natural high
how can you make it in this world

But to try of die

(DJ Paul)
1991 was the year 901
Was the
area code
3-8 double 1-6 was the zip
Code of all the rows of road
Now let my
story be told
A yong buck droppin' on in a school house
But not to learn off in the
tenth grade
Tryin't o come up at last
Like a total outcast
Off all them
songs I done made
Bumpin' my underground tapes
Up and down the hall
The DJ
Paul wasn't no damn thang
But then my dogs
Tony and Shista asked me to join a gang

Theat ain't me man
but hangin' around them fools
I had to get down and join a
click, see
Cause I made so many enemies
From the clicks off in my city
if I told you what gang it was
Then to you I will seem more than down
But if I told
you what gang I'm in
I can only do a show off in my own town
But it's all goody good

Much love to the thugs in my hood
And in my city much respect
I'm wit'cha
for life
And as you could bet
We lights one up today

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