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Viewing Lyrics for Fat Pockets:

Artist:Showbiz and AG
Taken from the album Runaway Slave by Showbiz and AG
Album:Runaway Slave
Track:Fat Pockets
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:I like my pockets fat not flat" (repeat 4x)

"I like my pockets fat not flat" "So get
back" (repeat 4x)

My pockets stay fat and they always like that

Not only in pocket but in my bank there's stacks and stacks of dough
Cause I move
slow I get my cash flow and then I go
And brother's don't know I'm on the down low

Some get mad cause they can't understand
That I'm 23 years old I'm in command

I'm down with DITC, that's "Diggin' in the Crates"
And my partner A.G., we always
keep crazy papes
I'm staying fat, cause what comes around goes around
I always help
out and help a brother when he's down
And out like a boyscout, brothers always shout

"Good lookin out Show" Yeah, without a doubt
But don't try and take advantage
just leave you alone instead of putting that ass in bandages
Signing off is Show B-I-Z

And next up is A.G., he likes his pockets F-A-T

"I like my pockets fat not
flat" (repeat 4x)

Check it out yo, A.G. is living fat
In the
mental, in other words can I get a soul clap?
Diggin' in the crates for something smooth

Showbiz & A.G., yo money, we make the party groove
And I'm a top-notch competitor

Carrying dough like a treasurer
Getting pussy, oh that's regular
But the sex
I never take
Cause if that bitch screams rape, like Mike Tyson, I'm upstate
And you
know that's a fact, black
So if she says no, that means no, and that's that
matter how cute or how desperate
(Ayo she gotta get the boot) Yeah, she gotta see the exit

But I'm not mad I didn't hit it
I just dial seven digits and some skins that's with
Bones in the closet, that's my logic
You gotta be smart and keep a downlow in the
Watch your step and take it easy
Or act like Stevie Wonder becasue you know
you can't see me
Don't sniff no coke, but I might drink a brew
Or maybe two (Andre
the Giant, not you)
Yeah, wrecking MC's with just my demo
And pulling all the cuties
with no problemo
That's right, because I'm a gamer
Your girl let you for me, A.G., I
don't blame her
Step back, get your sticks and your bats
Know you step up because my
pockets are fat

"I like my pockets fat not flat" (repeat 3x)

It's time to take the brothers from the corner
Clean up they act, and give
them a chance to do what the wanna
I'm not trying to be a bum with a 40
That's not
my style, I gotta work hard like Naughty
By Nature, you should understand
To get
yours in this land, you gotta work for yours, black man
You think it's easy because I rap?

So don't ask me for a dollar motherfucker, you ain't handicapped
And if you was,
you'd still have the chance
Look how I flip "ain't this a bitch" now I'm making you dance

Yeah it's Show B-I-Z from your neighbor H-double-O-D, I R-A-P
Cause I wanna stay fat

To keep clothes on my back and you know I never slack
For all the bums that said I
forgot where I came from
Eating crumbs on the corner in the slums
I'm hungry enough
to grow fangs
Here's a dollar, go to the store, but give me back my fucking change

I'm not trying to spend on so-called friends
Not even with skins, put that bullshit to an
So fuck the groupies on tour
I'm trying to make a million dollars, some shit I
never saw before
So save that bullshit for later
So when I'm large, hoes give me
head on an escalator
Yeah, I like to flow, I'm Show B-I-Z
A.K.A. Mr. F-A-T
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