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Viewing Lyrics for Happy Birthday Mr Christian:

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Track:Happy Birthday Mr Christian
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Late in my early teenage, I was considered fast
While some of the girls were failing, I passed
in every class
Our principal's name was Christian and I played upon his fears
exchange 4 my diploma, I loved him through the years

Happy birthday
Mr. Christian, what are we gonna do?
U want a teenage past-time, I want a love that's true

A man in your position, U oughta be ashamed
Happy birthday Mr. Christian, why can't U
live up 2 your name?

It was only the first semester but my body developed quick

Compared 2 the size of my chest then, all the other girls looked sick
Mr. Christian
stared at me always, desire turned 2 pain
I suggested we go 2 his office and that's when the
lunch bell rang


Oh Mr. Christian, U're a bad boy
Why that's not
a pencil ... shame
Oh Mr. Christian, U're a bad boy
Why can't U live up 2 your name?

We had our love down to an art form
Each act was like scenes from a play (Every
act ...)
With every lesson I gave him
Mr. Christian gave me an A
I graduated with
A riddle 2 everyone
Everyone except Christian
Mr. Christian and I, and our
son (Mr. Christian, me and our son)

CHORUS {repeat twice in BG}

What are we
gonna do?
I want a love that's true
U oughta be ashamed
Why can't U live up 2 your
What are we gonna do?
No tengo tiempo para jugar {I have no time 2 play games}

Necesito un hombre verdadero, no metido {I need a real man, not a liar}
Always a man

Tú sí que no te enteras, chaval, OK? {U don't understand, boy, OK?}
Qué hacemos?
{What are we gonna do?}
Habla fuerte que no te oigo! {Speak louder cuz I can't hear U!}

Christian! Christian! Christian!

Oh Mr. Christian, U're a bad boy

Give me some horns, oh
I like it

Christian! {x4}

Happy birthday 2 U, happy birthday 2 U
Happy birthday Mr. Christian,
happy birthday 2 U

Happy birthday, Mr. Christian
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