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Viewing Lyrics for Rich and Dangerous:

Artist:Master P
Taken from the album Mama
Album:Mama's Bad Boy
Track:Rich and Dangerous
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:What's this, about 40 g's we got right here (Yeah about 40 g's)

[Verse 1]
millions made I'm rich, caps explodin' like a hang grenade
Ready to get paid, one in the
chamber for the nigga fade
Master P don't take no bullshit nigga
Don't make me squeeze
this motherfuckin' trigger
Cause the life I live ain't no fuckin' joke
Cause if I think ya
wanna do me motherfucker ya ass is smoked
Low key to high baller and shot caller
po-po's a threat probably won't see tomorrow
Cause I'm a murder haven't ya heard of a
Knowledge aided, affiliated with the law books
They wanna put me in jail, I post
They wanna lock me up and keep me in a concrete cell
The big money deals, I make to
keep a cash profit
Catch ya slippin' my nine I cock it
187 motherfucker for
Lifestyles of the rich and dangerous

I'm livin' the life, I'm
livin' the life of the rich and dangerous
I'm livin' the life, I'm livin' the life of the rich
and dangerous
I'm livin' the life, I'm livin' the life of the rich and dangerous
Rich and
dangerous, they can't hang with us

[Verse 2]
Master P is like a low down, dirty
So many times on the grind motherfuckers try to feel ya
Check the Rolex, live back
in the projects, Calliope
Bitch ya talk shit there, they might shoot ya ho
AM, PM now in
the BM, guard my chest
Pick up a bulletproof vest
Pimpin' ain't easy, bitches ridin' a
Causin' chaos in homes and all that fuckin' material shit
Niggas slangin' and gangin'
and bangin' to get a percentage
Ya come up short ya losin' teeth I hope ya paid ya
I don't play that ho shit
Give up ya cash or ya tore up bitch
I'm Master P
the gangsta jacker, bitch smacker
Talk shit ho, I bet cha' I got cha'
And you know the law
can't hang with us
Lifestyles of the rich and dangerous

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