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Viewing Lyrics for How to Be a Playa(feat. Silkk the Shocker, Fiend:

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Track:How to Be a Playa(feat. Silkk the Shocker, Fiend
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:[Master P]
Ya see, wenches be messy like Marvin
My homies be ballin, pimp tricks eryday,
from L.A. to the Bay
to New Orleans, the original big baby, like Big Mike
Don't make me
Tina Turner one of you wenches and hit you like Big Ike
UHHHH, pimp shit, Cadillac with the
Hoes got no souls that be for flare without ya coat
Star sixty-nine could get you
whipped, uhh
Momma told you never mess with a, Southern bitch
I got this pimp game from my
grandfather Big Daddy, he said
"Keep your fo' inches in your candy painted Caddy
Keep your
cattle, all in one stable
If a wench jumps off at the mouth, keep it cool, then you play
Get your cash, then you creep, check a broad, enemy
Ain't no love for you freaks time
to tenderize the meat
Then we, be tradin women like Eddie Murphy Tradin Places
I got,
baitches cleanin my house shinin my gold, doin my shoelaces
I got, wenches runnin errands goin
to stores
dressed up like twins, I mean in the same clothes
Stayin in the same house,
bangin en on the same couch
Real G's in dime hats, know what, I'm talkin about
Uhh, be up
playa, don't pay for the kitty kat
I mean if you bout it bout it, give her some change, then
take it back

[Chorus: Fiend, Silkk]

How to be a playa main
You gots to be
a playa mahn
[repeat 8X]

[Silkk the Shocker]
You gots to be a playa, but rule
number one
in the how's to be a playa never profess to nuttin what ya done
Believe me, or
should I say, believe in I spittin
See me talkin to a trick, ask me then I hit em
never can give em no slack, cause you gots to be in it to win
Be safe and grab her hand, slap
dem, cause they'll try the shit again
It's give in to they demands and that's a simp thang

But to get them and they friends, now that's a pimp thang (pimp thang)
You wanna learn som'in?
Well take a picture of this G
Look in the dictionary, under player, you'll find a picture of
Uhh, cause I don't sleep, and players can't cause we ballin
We can't be trippin, cause
a player's pimp can't be fallin
I leave em with the hurt like B.B. cryin like CeCe Winan

recline and watch TV, game feel like a CD
Nigga make appointment when they see me, don't call
back often they beep me
Gotta be a G (how you get the drawers) get the drawers off, easy,
Silkk the Shocker fool, nigga I pimps and roll
(What you ride?) Cadillacs and
vogues, uhh


See I'm bout to smack me a bitch, cause all
my money in here
Told em clear, for me to slid arrear, gotta pay for the year
What I look
like a simp? Girl I'm a No Limit pimp
Got the ones you least expect supportin me for the
I pass crunch like blunts, treat your man good like a wench
High hoe on the ranch,
I spray and smell dogs by the branch
Keep a broad doin splits, next gon' be doin the clit

One girl gone so bad, want me to Western Union some dick
Put em on corners and curbs, breakin
new ones outta nerd
Bringin daddy Fiend the money, while all I do is choke herb
I spank em
and thank em, leave em swollen and kiss em bye
And just think, cause them extra them knowin my
fist size


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